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Lie To Me Episode 16 Korean drama

After Lie To Me episode 15 straight continue to Lie To Me Episode 16 Korean drama. Before what's missing head, I just publish it here. A moment to collect words to convey to you what is interesting in episode Lie To Me Episode 16. In general, people prefer to be praised and given applause, a pat on the shoulder and the like. But not all such personal properties. Some people prefer to look cool, not cold there is a pat on the shoulder or a great compliment. This is what you want to say to Lie To Me Korean Drama. Success stories entertain the spectators and millions of eyes can provide something different. LTM (Lie To Me) korean drama series is great I think, I'm sure you also feel it. Ok just below I include a synopsis for Lie To Me ep 16 korean drama.

Lie To Me Episode 16 Korean drama Synopsis

Getting check-ups at the OB / GYN, he held his stomach, still can not believe the news. That nervousness, and worry, and happiness that words can not explain. Her lips trembled with a smile. Home with the complex feelings, he saw the living room looks like a normal, but when he walked into the bedroom, closet door open and items missing. Notes left on the bed. It's clear and Jae Bum So Ran. On the other hand, Ah-jung walked outside and saw Joon Ki dress so dashing in his golf clothes waiting for him. Lie To Me Episode 16 Korean drama, Missing him and the happiness of seeing again after one month apart, he wanted to run and hug him, but can not afford, the painful feeling is reflected clearly in his face. Two of them look out to sea and talk, for some reason gives the impression of emotional distance. Ki Joon want to be with, but he had to go to work. Jung Ah want to be together, but still he sent away Joon Ki.

Lie To Me Episode 16 Korean drama

Lie To Me Episode 16 Korean drama
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